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Special Offers

Leland’s Current Special Offers

Each month Leland’s runs a promotional offer, so be sure to check back here at the beginning of the month.  Also, this is where we will post any other specials such as heavily discounted clearance items and rental returns.

Current July  Promotions

Leland’s current June promotion is “1 Payment Down” and no security deposit on Rent-To-Own for the following products:

  • Lofted Barns
  • Garden Sheds
  • Utility
  • Cabinettes
  • Low Barn
  • Basic Shed
  • Value Line
  • Garages

NOTE: only on 8′, 10′, 12′ and 14′ wide sheds and must be under $10,000 including all upgrades

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And the following 8′ wall deal on utility sheds:

Play Set Clearance Sale

Sky Model #2
$4,058 – 50% = $2,029

Leland’s is offering 50% off all display model play sets if you are inclined to disassemble and reassemble it yourself; otherwise, you can still get 30% off delivered and set up.   The Sky Model #2 is the last display model on our lot, so don’t hesitate to come snatch it up before someone else does.

Also, Leland’s is offering 30% off on the last 4 brand new Dream models at the factory (shown below), if you can pick it up in Grandview, TX.  Otherwise, they are discounted 10% delivered and set up.  Note: these prices are below the factory direct prices from Eastern Jungle Gym (www.EasternJungleGym.com).

Dream Model #1
$2,299 – %30 = $1,609.30

Dream Model #2
$2,567 – 30% = $1,796.90

Dream Model #3
$2,827 – 30% = %1,978.90

Dream Model #4
$3,225 – 30% = $2,257.50

Discounted Rental Returns & Lot Models

We currently have this Cabinette rental return and several Gazebo lot models that are priced to sell! Please check back here periodically for discounted Leland’s products.   This is where you will find our Rental Returns and our Lot Models over 18 months old. Alternatively, feel free to call us at 940.320.9525 or send us a message from our Contact Form below and we will let you know if any more have arrived. Or if you prefer a brand new one, then be sure to…

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Just arrived and won’t last long!
16×36 Cabinette
$12,382 – $2,382 = $10,000

12×12 Gazebo
$3,995 – 5% =$3,792.25

10×14 Texan Gazebo with 2 Benches
$5,380 – 10% = $4,842

12×12 Gazebo
$3,995 – 10% = $3,595.50

12×12 Gazebo
$3,995 – 15% = $3,395.75

3 Day Delivery Guarantee

Leland’s is the first in the industry to offer a 3 Day Delivery Guarantee on popular styles and sizes of sheds.  Note: 3 day delivery is 3 business days following the date of purchase , weather permitting, and availability of in-stock models.

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Products For Sale

Leland’s Cabins & Tiny Homes For Sale

We are proud to be a dealer for Leland’s Cabins and Tiny Homes, which start as low as $15,000 for a fully finished tiny house.  Leland’s offers very nice portable cabins with many different options to choose from. Utilizing Leland’s state of the art design center, you may start with one of the popular designs below and customize it to your specific needs.  If a Tiny Home is what you are looking for, then start with one of the first four models below or jump to one of the Custom Examples at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: The low end prices shown below are the base prices without any upgrades.  Therefore, some of the photos below may not be representative of the price shown.  For example, log/lap siding is a upgrade and is not included in the base price.  However, all prices below do include delivery within 100 miles of the manufacturing plant in Grandview, TX.  The high end prices below reflect a more typical configuration, but may still be customized with even more upgrades.

216 sq. ft. – The Rio Bravo –  $14,932

The Rio Bravo PDF

336 sq. ft. – The Chisholm Trail – $18,775

The Chisholm Trail PDF

392 sq. ft. – The Stag – $24,995

The Stag PDF

532 sq. ft. – The Brazos – $35,841

The Brazos PDF

576 sq. ft. – The Smokey Bear – $46,145 to $61,650+

The Smokey Bear PDF

704 sq. ft. – The Settlement Harbor – $59,525 to $70,313+

The Settlement Harbor PDF

832 sq. ft. – The Lone Star – $69,781 to $78,020+

The Lone Star PDF

1288 sq. ft. – The Ponderosa – $106,279 to $119,995+

The Ponderosa PDF

1536 sq. ft. – The Lodge – approx. $165,000

The Lodge is a brand new very spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bath cabin designed for absolute leisure and comfort in mind.  We will post more photos as soon as they are available.

The Lodge PDF

Leland’s has The Largest Cabin Showroom in Texas!!!

Let us know if you would like to see all the cabins above at Leland’s showroom in Grandview, TX.   They have 10 cabin models with over 7,000 furnished sq ft on display.   We can arrange an appointment with our design specialist or we can give you the security code and you can peruse them at your leisure, even on the weekends and after hours. Call us at 940.320.9525 or use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page and we will send you the code or set up an appointment for you.

Custom Cabin Examples

Below are just some of the custom floor plans we have done for customers.  They represent the kinds of things you may change from the standard cabins above.   Remember, Leland’s can even do multi-module designs including L-shape, T-shape, H-shape or just about any configuration of modules you can think of. Plus, they can add custom Decks & Covered Porches to any of the cabins.  Leland’s offers a variety of skirting options for your new or existing cabin.

Classic Manor

Custom 16×24 Rio Bravo

Custom 14×26 w 2 Lofts & 6′ Porch

Custom 14×32 w 4′ Porch

Custom 14×38 w 6′ Porch

Custom 16×54 1 bdrm Lone Star w Master Bath

Custom Floor Plans PDF

Leland’s Cabinette & Cottage Shells For Sale

In addition to the finished cabins above, Leland’s also offers unfinished CabinetteCottage, and Custom Shells.  One of the advantage of the unfinished shells is that they qualify for Rent-To-Own with No Credit Check  and 90 Days Same as Cash, just like all the other Leland’s sheds that follow; whereas, the finished cabins require cash purchase or conventional financing with a decent credit score.  Leland’s charges the same price for T1-11, Wood, and Painted versions of all the products below.  You can also choose between shingles or a metal roof without worrying about price differences.  All shells come with a 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and Free Delivery within 50 miles as well!

Note: As seen in the Cabinette Details below, shell customers often add the 125 amp workshop electrical package which includes 4 outlets, 2 single bulb light fixtures and a switch for $625.  We can also provide a boxed in window unit A/C cutout for only $30 more.

The Cabinette

NOTE: In addition to paint, Leland’s offers urethane based wood grain stains for the same price as paint.  Also, for a more rustic look, you may prefer to choose the pressure treated T1-11 siding instead of the LP Smart Panel.

Painted Cabinette

Wood Cabinette

T1-11 Cabinette

Cabinette Details

Cabinette Features

Options & Upgrades

Cabinette Sizes and Prices

The Cottage

Wood Cottage

T1-11 Cottage

Cottage Features

  • 5/50 Year Warranty LP Smart Panel Siding
    or Pressure Treated T1-11
  • 9 Lite Door
  • Reverse Gable Roof
  • 8′ Exterior Side Walls
  • (2) 3×4 Double Pane Windows
  • Valspar Duramax Paint or Urethane Wood Stain
  • 6′ Shed Roof Porch
Options & Upgrades

Cottage Sizes and Prices

Custom Cabin Shells

Below is an example of taking a Lofted Barn Shed and turning it into a Custom Cabin Shell that can easily be finished out by the customer or subcontractor(s).  It offers yet another alternative to a completely finished cabin.  This water tight shell is great for a weekend lake retreat or hunting lease where you don’t want to have too much invested into your sleeping quarters and you plan to spend most of your time outside anyway!  We can do a 60 month Lease To Own, with No Credit Check on this unit for about $420/mo + taxes.

Custom Lofted Cabin Shell

Options & Upgrades

Custom Lofted Cabin Features

  • Started with a 14’x32′ Lofted Barn base for $8,825
  • Raised the walls to 8′ for $400
  • Added 6′ Porch with Loft over Porch for $600
  • Added (3) 3×4 white insulated windows for $585
  • 9 Lite Door instead of Double Door for $375
  • 5/50 Year Warranty LP Smart Panel included in base
  • Driftwood Urethane Stain included in base
  • Rustic Cedar Posts on Porch instead of railing
  • 4′ Loft in back included in base price
  • Galvalume Metal Roof included in base
  • 2×6 Floor Joists on 16″ Centers for $200
  • For a Grand Total of $10,985

Leland’s Barns, Sheds & Storage Buildings For Sale

Leland’s has a wide variety of backyard barns, sheds, and storage buildings. Leland’s offers Rent-to-Own, No Credit Check, and 90 Days Same as Cash on all barns and storage sheds.  Leland’s charges the same price for T1-11, Wood, and Painted versions of all the products below.  You can also choose between shingles or a metal roof without worrying about price differences.  All sheds come with a 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and Free Delivery within 50 miles as well!

The Lofted Barn

The Lofted Barn is the most popular Leland’s storage shed we sell, probably because of the extra space provided by the two 4′ lofts included in most models.

Painted Lofted Barn

Wood Lofted Barn

T1-11 Lofted Barn

Painted Side Entry

Wood Side Entry

T1-11 Side Entry

Lofted Barn Details

Lofted Barn Features

Options & Upgrades

Lofted Barn Sizes and Prices

NOTE: Prices do not include the windows, which cost an additional $75 per window.

The Utility Shed

The Utility Shed is a little more economical solution than the Lofted Barn above and is great for customers who prefer a single level solution with a lower profile.

Painted Utility Shed

Wood Utility Shed

T1-11 Utility Shed

Utility Shed Details

Utility Shed Features

Options & Upgrades

Utility Shed Sizes and Prices

The Garden Shed

The “Saltbox” style roof with a overhang in the front is a unique feature of the Garden Shed, which makes it another one of the most popular Leland’s sheds we sell.  The windows and flower boxes come standard and are included in the price.

Painted Garden Shed

Wood Garden Shed

T1-11 Garden Shed

Garden Shed Details

Garden Shed Features

Options & Upgrades

Garden Shed Sizes and Prices

The Low Barn

The Low Barn is very popular solution for many customers who have HOA height restrictions for backyard structures.  Many HOA’s do not allow more than a few feet above the fence height, which is typically 6 feet.   The Low Barn keeps a low profile by using shorter (4′) sidewalls but gives you the head clearance with the Gambrel style roof.

Painted Low Barn

Wood Low Barn

T1-11 Low Barn

Low Barn Details

Low Barn Features

Options & Upgrades

Low Barn Sizes and Prices

The Garage

The Leland’s portable Garage is one heavy duty storage solution for you car, tractor, or other heavy equipment.  The 9×7 roll up door gives you the room to get most vehicles in it.  The floors are beefed up with joist on 12″ centers covered by 3/4″ pressure treated plywood  (which provides better water resistance from rain soaked tires or A/C condensation after driving your vehicle in our lovely Texas heat).

Painted Garage

Wood Garage

T1-11 Garage

Garage Details

Garage Features

Options & Upgrades

Garage Sizes and Prices

Leland’s Value Line & Basic Sheds For Sale

Leland’s has two lines of sheds that are designed to compete with the lower end shed market.  The Value Line is a metal clad wood building and the Basic Shed is very similar to a regular utility shed with a few cost saving factors incorporated into its design.  Both the Value Line and Basic Shed place the wall studs on 24″ centers, rather than the 16″ centers used in all the other Leland’s products.  The height of the walls are a little shorter as well.

The Value Line

Value Line Details

Value Line Features

Value Line Sizes and Prices

The Basic Shed

Painted Basic Shed

Wood Basic Shed

Basic Shed Features

  • 5/50 Year Warranty LP Smart Panel Siding
  • End Vents
  • Gable Roof
  • 70″ Exterior Side Walls
  • Classic Black Hardware
  • 6’x6′ Double Doors
Options & Upgrades

Basic Shed Sizes and Prices

Leland’s Gazebos For Sale

Leland’s Gazebos are a great way to enjoy the outdoors.  Leland’s offers Rent-to-Own, No Credit Check, and 90 Days Same as Cash on all Gazebos too!

Gazebos & Tea Houses


Tea House

Gazebo Features

  • Pressure Treated Decking & Cedar Posts
  • Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine
  • Decorative Railing & Corner Braces
  • Metal or Shingled Roof (same price)

Gazebo Sizes and Prices

Leland’s Playhouses For Sale

Leland’s playhouses are made for kids and will encourage them to get away from computers, video games, and TV.  Plus, all Leland’s playhouses include an adult door in the back to make it easier to fetch the kids at dinner time or to turn it into a storage shed when they are grown.  Leland’s offers Rent-to-Own, No Credit Check, and 90 Days Same as Cash on all Playhouses too!


The Cottage

The Hideout

The Victorian

Playhouse Features

  • 5/50 Year Warranty LP Smart Panel Siding
  • Valspar Duramax Paint
  • Classic Black Hardware
  • Child Door on Front
  • Adult Door on Side or Back
  • (2) 14×21 Windows w/ Shutters and Flower Boxes
  • 4’ Built-In Porch on Hideout and Cottage

Playhouse Sizes and Prices

Options, Upgrades & Warranty

Doors & Windows

Roof Types

Siding & Trim Colors

Roof Colors


Free Delivery vs. Build On-Site

Leland’s is proud to offer Free Delivery for 50 miles from any of the 20+ locations in Texas!  It is only $3.50 per mile beyond the 50 mile radius of any dealer.  Keeping in line with Leland’s company values of premier customer service, they own and operate all of their delivery fleet:

Standard free delivery includes setting the building on your level ground and up to 5 concrete blocks for leveling to ensure door is operational.   Additional blocks are charged at $5 per block.  For the smoothest delivery process,  it is recommended that you have 4′ additional clearance (both width and height) to your site.  Don’t worry, if clearance is an issue, then for only $99, Leland’s can actually build any of the above products on-site (except for finished out cabins).

Rent-To-Own and 90 Days Same as Cash

Leland’s offers Rent-to-Own with No Credit Check on all delivered products and a select group of qualified on-site builds. They offer 36 and 48 month Rent-to-Own terms , and a 60 month Lease-To-Own term with no payoff penalties at any time during the rental/lease period.  The 90-Day Same as Cash option is a variation of the Rent-to-Own that allows you to apply 100% of the first 90 days of payments to the cash price of the building.  It is great because it is merely an option and is always OK to keep renting instead of paying the cash balance.

5 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

Leland’s Industries, LLC 5-year manufacturer’s warranty is valid on Lofted Barns, Utility Sheds, Garden Sheds, Low Barns, Cottages, Cabinettes, Garages, Playhouses and Gazebos.  This warranty does not cover finished out cabins, which has a separate 3-year warranty.  For entire warranty terms, please ask your local sales rep.

Shed Brochure PDF

Current Pricing Information


Leland’s Carports, Garages & Metal Buildings For Sale

Leland’s carports, garages, horse barns, loafing sheds, RV covers/carports, workshops, and other custom metal buildings are a great economical storage solution for your vehicles, livestock, and whatever else.  Believe it or not, Leland’s even offers Rent-to-Own, No Credit Check, and 90 Days Same as Cash on all their metal buildings.  You won’t find many carport and/or metal building manufacturers that believe in their products enough to offer such an incredible purchase option.  All prices include delivery and installation within 50 miles of any Leland’s dealer.

Carports & Garages

Barns & Loafing Sheds

Carport Options & Warranty




Leland’s Decks, Ramps, Porches & Pergolas For Sale

Leland’s decks, ramps, and covered porches are built on site and constructed from all pressure treated lumber. Leland’s does not spray or seal the decks as part of the construction, but does offer this service at an additional charge.

Decks & Ramps

General Specifications

10′ x 16′ Deck

Jack and Jill Deck

Wheel Chair Ramp

Covered Porches & Pergolas

Gabled Roof Porch

Porch with Pergola

Custom Project

Deck & Porch Pricing

NOTE: All prices are for decks over 100 square foot. Less than 100 square foot requires a custom quote from Leland’s.

Standard Pricing

Treated Decks $13/sq.ft.
Pre-stained Decks $14/sq.ft.
Treated Deck with single slope metal roof or Pergola $22/sq.ft.
Pre-stained Deck with single slope metal roof or Pergola
Treated Deck with gable roof $26/sq.ft.
Pre-stained Deck with gable roof $28/sq.ft.

Available Upgrades

Sealer/stain $3.50/sq.ft. ($200 minimum)
Extra set of stairs $250
Ramp with 1 banister
(Ramp has 2″ drop per linear foot)
$44/linear foot
Ramp with 2 banisters
(Ramp has 2″ drop per linear foot)
$50/linear foot
Steps over 4′ wide $60 per foot of width

Life Saver Storm Shelters For Sale

We are proud to be North Texas’ premier dealer for the Life Saver Storm Shelter with a Lifetime Warranty!

Life Saver Brochure

Life Saver Brochure PDF

Storm-Tek Cut-Aways & Pricing

Life Saver Storm-Tek LS-6

Life Saver Storm-Tek LS-10

Storm Shelter Pricing PDF

Yoderbilt Greenhouses & Pet Coops For Sale

We are also proud to be the North Texas dealer for Yoderbilt Greenhouses and Pet Coops.  The Yoderbilt Greenhouse is one of the finest portable greenhouses on the market at a delivered and installed price lower than comparable kits.  For a nominal price, you can spruce it up with a dutch door and plant shelves.  You may also add very cool auto vents operated by a mechanical Univent opener that opens further the hotter it gets and closes when it cools down at night.  The Yoderbilt Pet Coop is built to the same exacting standards as the Greenhouse and is a great protected home for your chickens, cats, rabbits, etc.


Pet/Chicken Coops & Animal Shelters

Yoderbilt Pricing

NOTE: Currently, the Pet Coops only come 8′ wide
and are priced $100 more than Greenhouses

Greenhouse & Pet Coop Price List PDF

8’x20′ Lot Model Greenhouse
Priced to Sell at $4,158

This Yoderbilt Greehouse has the following features and upgrades:

  • 8’x20′ – base price of $3,695
  • Auto vent system including extra window for $300
  • Two side windows for $150
  • 16′ of parallel shelves for $400
  • A Dutch door for $75
  • For a Grand Total of $4,620  – 10% = $4,158

3-Day Delivery


Leland’s is the first in the industry to offer a 3 Day Delivery Guarantee on popular styles and sizes of sheds. (NOTE: 3 day delivery is 3 business days following the date of purchase, weather permitting, and availability of in-stock models.)

First in the Industry

to offer

12×16 Wood Lofted Barn

Front Entry with Brown Roof


Buy Now

12×16 Wood Lofted Barn

Side Entry with 2 Windows & Bronze Roof


Buy Now

12×24 Wood Lofted Barn

Side Entry with 2 Windows & Bronze Roof


Buy Now

10×16 Wood Lofted Barn

Side Entry with 2 Windows & Galvalume Roof


Buy Now

10×16 Wood Garden Shed

with Gallery Blue Roof


Buy Now

8×12 Wood Basic Utility

with Gallery Blue Roof


Buy Now

10×16 Wood Lofted Barn

Front Entry with Red Roof


Buy Now

12×24 Wood Lofted Barn

Side Entry with 2 Windows & Red Roof


Buy Now

10×12 Wood Utility Shed

with Red Roof


Buy Now

10×16 Wood Garden Shed

with Tan Roof


Buy Now

10×16 Wood Lofted Barn

Front Entry with Tan Roof


Buy Now

12×16 Wood Lofted Barn

Side Entry with 2 Windows & Green Roof


Buy Now

12×16 Wood Garden Shed

with Green Roof


Buy Now

10×16 Wood Lofted Barn

Side Entry with 2 Windows & Green Roof


Buy Now

12×24 Wood Lofted Barn

Side Entry with 2 Windows & Green Roof


Buy Now

10×12 Wood Utility Shed

with Green Roof


Buy Now

12×24 Wood Cabinette

with Green Roof


Buy Now

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One of my current goals is to simplify my life and spend more quality time with my kids, parents, and friends.   After a career in software development and as an IT executive, I am now coming back to my roots and have been given the opportunity by my parents to take over the management of my Granddad’s old ranch.  If you want to know about my professional career, then feel free to take a look at my resume on www.RickHarris.me.

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